Dr. Jonathan N. Roth
Dr. Jonathan Roth teaching
marine biology in the Florida
Dr. Jonathan Roth driving the
pontoon (the only occasion
when I ever saw him hold his
hat to keep it from blowing off).
Academic Mentors
With Respect... To the Bigman:  A
Student's Account of His Professor and

An Audio Book by Dr. Anthony L. Swinehart
Copyright 1993, All Rights Reserved

Narrated by the author
Chapter 1 - Taylor
Chapter 2 - The Back Room
Chapter 3 - The Seine
Chapter 4 - In the Final Analysis
Chapter 5 - Yur Gonna Lose It
Chapter 6 - Of Magazines, Floor Tiles,
and Formaldehyde
Chapter 7 - Clearly
Chapter 8 - On Putrefaction
Chapter 9 - A Cheesy Grin, an Old Straw
Hat, and Glasses as Dark as Night
Chapter 10 - We Just Aren't Getting any
Chapter 11 - Those are Good Hotcakes
Chapter 12 - Stories of Old

Ph.D. Oregon State University (Plant Fungal Pathology); Post-Doc,
University of Miami (Marine Invertebrate Zoology); Professor of
Biology, Goshen College, 1966-2004; Co-founder of Micrology
Laboratories, Inc.; Inventor of Redi-gel / Easy-gel, Coliscan, etc.
The table-talking Roth
(background) / Kauffman
(foreground) card-playing duo.
Young Dr. Roth in the old
Goshen College Science Hall
A close look at this photo
shows Dr. Roth peering over a
hand of cards in one of the
notorious bridge games.  
Unfortunately, his new office
had a window, unlike the
clandestine environs of the old
bridge room on the old
third-floor science hall.
Academic Mentors
Dr. Alton Anthony Lindsey