IHC McCormick-Deering
Little Genius No. 8,
2-14 Plow on Steel & Rubber
This is my Little Genius No. 8 plow.  I bought it for $100.00 from a fellow Boilermaker in
Valparaiso, Indiana.  The previous owner bought it in northern Ohio.  Casting stamps on
many parts suggest that it was made in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  This page shows the
process of restoration of the plow and may include some helpful information for others
restoring the Little Genius.
After complete restoration, July 24, 2007
Before restoration, 2005
Here are a couple more pics of the plow on steel prior to
restoration.  Click on any of these thumbnails for a larger image
During tear-down, I make drawings and take notes so I can know how to put the plow
back together weeks later.  I also take numerous pictures for the same purpose.  
Parts are labeled with masking tape or placed in labeled zip-lock storage bags.
Here is a series of images showing the plow at various stages of tear-down.
Uh oh...  I see factory red paint in places that are supposed to be factory BLUE paint,
according to
Decisions 31, 37, and 41 of the IHC Paint Committee.  This power-lift
mechanism should be blue.  The fact that some parts are stamped "CANADA" may be a
clue as to why they are red (?)  Although sometimes factories ran out of a particular
color and used whatever was available..
Here are two photos of the power-lift mechanism from one of my parts plows.  You can
see that, although a farmer painted the exposed parts red, the previously unexposed
Restored parts begin to accumulate... (notice the CANADA stamp on many of the parts).
Re-assembly begins
Plow Completely Restored
Other nicely restored Little Genius Plows
The Little Genius and 1950 Farmall H owned and restored by
Lowell Andreessen from Wisconsin (Click on thumbnails)
The Little Genius F8A (European) owned and restored by Marc
Esprit from France (Click on thumbnails)
Stan Foraker's Little Genius #8 (Click on thumbnails)
(Note springs on frame should be blue and yolks on coutler's should be black
Labeled parts begin
to accumulate in the
tractor shop...
Each part is sanded, primered, and painted before re-assembly.  
A final coat will be applied after assembly.
Breaking ground with the "new" Little Genius (click on thumbnail)
This is a Little Genius #8 on rubber that I restored in 2008.  I purchased the plow
for $50.00 in Hillsdale, Michigan.  Unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures of the
plow prior to restoration.
Restoring a Little Genius Plow
Genius in action CLICK HERE