The Hillsdale College Museum is one of the oldest museums in the
state of Michigan.  It was established sometime between 1855 and
1873 and re-named the Daniel M. Fisk Museum of Natural History in
2008, in honor of its first known curator.  The museum must have been
well regarded in the late 1800's, as after a devastating fire that
destroyed much of the old museum in 1874, many institutions,
including the Smithsonian, McGill and Brown Universities, and Wabash
College, came to Hillsdale's aid by donating specimens to rebuild the
collections.  After Professor Fisk's careful stewardship ended, the
museum fell into disarray and many specimens were lost or given
away.  In 1998, Dr. Anthony Swinehart, began to reassemble the
collections, which were scattered across campus, until 2008 when Dr.
Frank Steiner, Chair of Biology designated a large room in the
Strosacker Science Center as space for the revitalized museum.