IHC McCormick-Deering
1944 Farmall M
My Dad's 1944 IHC McCormick-Deering Farmall M (SN 79891)
Teardown and rust-removal begins...
This is high dollar paint (~$500.00 / gal.) with hardener and clearcoat.  Lots of sanding and many coats are
necessary to get a finish like this!  This is my Dad's first attempt at painting!
Nearly finished.  Still needs new tires and decals...
Of course, you know why John Deere's are GREEN, don't you?  -- so
they can hide in the corn when a FARMALL goes by!
The finished M
My dad with his completed 1944 Farmall M at the Bonneville Mill Fall Festival in Bristol, Indiana
This is my Dad's (Lowell) 1944 Farmall "M", that he purchased for $850.00 on December 23, 2005 in Mt.
Etna, Indiana, prior to restoration.  He restored it and did all the work and painting himself.  It was mostly
complete and ran.  Missing items included:  battery box, grill insert, small gas tank (starting tank),
shudders, generator, and sediment bowl.  Non-original items included gas manifold (should be distillate
manifold), gas carburetor (should be a distillate carb), block (this is a 1944 block, but the SN does not
match the tractor's SN), gas filter, and power switch.  It has been converted to a 12V system.  The wiring
looks like it needs to be re-done using proper wiring diagram.  This is my Dad's second farm tractor (his
first was a Ford 8N) and his first restoration attempt.  We hauled it home on a trailer with 80 inches
between the fenders, so we had to turn one of the wheels in, which got the width of the tractor down to
about 77 inches.  Photos will be added throughout the restoration process.  Click on any photo for a
Sanding, priming, sanding, priming, sanding, painting...