1937 Farmall F-12
$150.00.  It hasn't run in at least 30 years, but is mostly complete.  I have a 1950 Farmall C
that I have to restore first.  Once that is finished, I will begin working on the F-12.  Click on
the thumbnail images above and below for a larger picture of the tractor.  I put steel wheels
on the tractor about a week after I got it.
"Before" Photos
The F-12 arrives at its new home (the new "tractor shop...")
The Tear-down
Left brake (stuck and shot)
The head has a large hole in the top.
The sleeves and
don't look as bad
as I expected.
The inside of the
engine is dry and
badly rusted.
Total tear-down begins
The tedious process of restoration is under weigh (March 2010)
Every part is cleaned of rust, has
its imperfections filled with glazing
putty, and is primered.
Progression of tractor rim showing 1) before - with pitting, 2) after
grinding and rust converter, 3) after filler putty, and 4) after primer.
Progression of tractor wheel:  grinding, application of rust
converter, application of filler putty, priming, and sanding.
Tractor seat after rust removal and application
of filler putty.  Everywhere there is a pink spot is
where there used to be a rust pit that would
have shown through the paint...
Starting the bell housing.
Metal prep, filling, and priming on the transmission housing.
The prepped and primered parts are
re-assembled to check fit, and threads, etc.  
They will be disassembled again later for
Parts waiting for restoration
The steering wheel is being
repaired with bondo and
two-part epoxy.  Black paint
will be applied later.