Finished: June 20, 2010

Themed Antique Farm Tractor
1950 Farmall C - "
The Phoenix"

After a fire destroyed a family farm, all that remained was
an old tractor...
See a video of the resurrection and the tractors
first start in decades.  (Another Video showing
electric start
The "Before" photo:  Purchased in St. John's,
Michigan on April 10th, 2005, for $50.00
ATTENTION "CORRECT POLICE":  I am a long-standing member of the FOCP (Fraternal Order of the this
tractor.  I justify my actions by referring to the fact that, 1) I saved this tractor from the scrap heap, 2) I
did not physically modify the tractor, so when I die, other members of the FOPC can still elect to paint it
the correct colors with the correct decalomania, and 3) It's MY tractor and I'll do with it as I darn please
:-)  )

**************************************************************************************************************************************************This tractor
was in pretty bad shape, but it was complete except for the two brackets that hold the grill in place.   The tractor had
been setting in this field for many years, and a tree fell on it and dented the gas tank badly and bent the steering
wheel and lift-all controls.  The engine was stuck badly and the pistons and sleeves had to be pressed out.  The
block had several cracks, all of which were repaired.  The head was okay, but all the guides, springs, valves, etc.,
were replaced.  This tractor was truly a "basket case", as most of it was laying in pieces on the ground (including the
push rods) and had to be collected in buckets.  I hauled it about 120 miles to my home with a car-hauler trailer.  
Click on the thumbnails below for a larger image!
I used a sheet-metal patch adhered with JB Weld to cover the
large dent.in the gas tank.
New or replaced parts list (new
items marked with an asterisk - all
other were used parts):

Steering shaft support
Battery box*
Valves, guides, springs, etc.*
Cylinder sleeves*
Crank and piston bearings*
Belt pulley
Two front tires*
One rear tire*
One head light
Clutch disk*
Ignition switch*
Ammeter gauge*
Oil pressure gauge*
Fuse housing*
Fan assembly*
Distributor cap*
Breaker arm*
Spark plug wires*
Clutch disk*
Oil pump (partial)
Sediment bowl assembly*
Steering wheel*